Anthony Cortino VESTA Divorce Professional in San Antonio

Anthony Cortino VESTA Divorce Professional in San Antonio

Special Announcement – Anthony Cortino VESTA Divorce Professional in San Antonio


I am excited to announce an alliance with Vesta Divorce. I have coached men and women nonprofit and for-profit for 4 years. All clients are business owners or military. Plus a big common piece. All have gone through a divorce and are now in a 2nd marriage. The fear of another divorce is easily present. The challenges are unique. At the same time, there is a common wound from the failed relationship. These wounds eventually manifest in the new relationship and their business.


Surprise there is no more room for compartmentalizing.


“I absolutely loathe the word hustle,” she said. “If you look up hustle in the dictionary, it means ‘to swindle.’ I don’t want to be associated with that.” The Intolerance of Hustle

Hustling has been proven with science to not work. The need to thrive in any crisis is the new paradigm. I proudly announce that I am a divorce coach. I have a network of heavily vetted divorce professionals all over the country to support my clients and my business.


VESTA A New Vision for Divorce


VESTA Is Changing the Face of Divorce

I’m thrilled to bring it to San Antonio Texas. I am building a team. “HUB” of professionals. If you are passionate about serving the divorce space, if you are collaborative in nature, and believe in a vision of compassion. Let’s build the San Antonio HUB right now to change divorce in San Antonio. 


I am in the divorce coach seat. The remaining core of professionals to create a San Antonio HUB needed are the following. Divorce Attorney, Mediator, Mortage, Financial


VESTA Our New Vision for Divorce


At Vesta, we have built a better way for people to navigate the divorce process by providing access to expert guidance, professional counseling, and a community of support. Our localized Hubs in Arizona, Southern California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania offer no-cost events, concierge services, and vetted professionals from the range of support services needed during divorce, including emotional, legal, financial, real estate, wellness, and mortgage specialists.  

In addition to expert one-on-one services, our professionals collaborate to provide a consolidated system of comprehensive, supportive care. Vesta’s integrated, efficient approach improves the experience and outcomes of the divorce process, and can effectively lower the associated costs. Vesta clients consistently report reduced anxiety and isolation – they deeply appreciate our professionals’ expert guidance throughout the divorce process, and they highly value participation in our supportive Vesta community.




Has the COVID-19 quarantine and economic turmoil brought to light that your marriage may be beyond repair? 

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